Hands free


Automatically and continuously measures and reports accurate UO & AKI risk, with detailed current UO value, accumulated volume and rate of change.

EMR Connected


Very simple to operate. Connect and Forget, single patient device, integrates with hospitals’ information systems.

100% for every patient


Reliable and robust: Works in any ICU condition, high tolerance to patient position, environmental changes and extreme urine properties.


Low workload


No nurse intervention required to measure or log, with Improved patient safety including automatic alarms on all parameters. 

Low cost


Price of disposable part lower than current disposables of automatic UO measuring tools.

Location flexible


Bag/monitor can be placed anywhere. Device can be moved with patient during non-ICU procedures, with 8 hour battery life.

Value for the hospital

Better, faster data


Catch trends earlier: Detailed and frequent data allows fast response to changes in patient condition.

Reduced patient risk


Decrease length of stay & hospital recidivism: less complications of AKI, fluid imbalance and other conditions.

Face to face care


Reduced workload allows staff to focus on the patient, not repetitive tasks.

Urine Output

 currently measured manually for over 90% of ICU patients, totaling 12M patients per year in modern hospitals alone.

Measuring UO assists in managing fluid balance and assessing kidney function.

Acute Kidney Injury

occurs in over 60% of all ICU patients, its effects are increased mortality (X3), increased likelihood of hospital readmission (X4) and increased length of stay (X1.5). 

Preventing AKI and it's progress are a key in improving patient outcomes.

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